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Baseline bags



Post operative fluid therapy is performed very badly. The baseline bags were designed to provide the patients baseline requirements of water, sodium and potassium in the post operative period as a once daily infusion.


Fluid losses from people are normally in the region of 30ml/kg per day. Thus a 70Kg person looses 70*30ml = 2,100ml. A 90 kG person would loose 2,700ml. In the same way people loose roughly twice there body weight of sodium (in mMoles), and their body weight of potassium. As the required amounts of ions and water both depend on body weight, it is possible to formulate a fixed composition of solution. Patients with different weights can be given different volumes of this solution to provide their daily requirements.



A solution containing the relevant ion  and water concentrations and this made isotonic with dextrose. Three different volumes bags were made providing the correct ionic and water contents for 60, 70 and 80 kg patients. These were manufactured by Fresenius.


Clinical testing

These baseline bags were trialed on 30 post operative gynae and obstetric patients on the wards at the Eastern General Hospital.


The results showed that the patients maintained significantly better plasma sodium and ion during the first 3 postoperative days, nursing staff saved considerable time in only having to change one infusion daily for each patients rather than the normal 6. The medics had a time saving  in having to only write one prescription on the fluid balance chart.   

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