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- Bactericidal wipes with prolonged action  


Formulation of a non alcoholic cleaning wipe

Alcohol wipes are the most commonly used form of bactericidal wipes. Although alcohol is an effective bactericidal agent, it only works while the surface is wetted. As soon as the alcohol dries it has no effect. In hot wards the contact time can be as low as a few seconds. Alcohol wipes therefore have a very short bacterial action on surfaces.

Alcohol has also been shown to bind blood and protein to stainless steel and this has been suggested to be the underlying cause in the transmission of CJD in neurosurgical patients 1 .

 Surgical instruments are routinely wiped with alcohol wipes during reprocessing in CSSD units.

 To avoid transmission of TSE infections alcohol should be kept well away from any blood contaminated steel surfaces.


Solution to the problem


Iso-wipes are a newly formulated non alcoholic clinical wipe. Anticipating that this  agent would be in contact with human hands it was formulated to be isotonic.


Bacteriological Effectiveness


Independent bactericidal testing was performed on this formulation  by Peter Lambert at Aston University and by Anderson Caledonia, in Bellshill. The Iso-wipes (referred to as product X) were compared to Tuffie, Cliniwipe, Azowipe Excel 70, and crew/cabin wipes. The Iso-wipes needed 2 minutes contact time to kill all the organisms (including MRSA). The Isowipes gave the greatest reduction in the rechallenge test, demonstrating residual bacterial activity. My belief is that this is due to forming a thin layer of salt on the surface which has a prolonged antibacterial effect.  


The advantages of the product are;

1 Good surface antibacterial activity

2 Residual antibacterial effect

3 Isotonic so gentler on skin

4 Non alcoholic ( gentler on the skin, longer contact time with the surface as it takes longer for the solution to evaporate to dryness, no binding of prion/blood protein to steel surfaces)

5 Much cheaper to manufacture than alcohol containing solutions.

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